Escape with me..


I prefer to be selective and low volume. I do not choose to see every one that wishes to see me. I like to have a connection and a meeting of the minds.

My experiences in healing, & sensual arts have enabled me too offer a beautiful balance of therapeutic & sensual touch and require a great deal of energy, skill, insight, patience and WORKWith that said,  if you feel uncomfortable with my rates, kindly explore other options and providers as my donations are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

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Plan your Escape?

Extended Escape
$200 90min

This is the session I recommend and prefer for any new clients. This allows us more time to get to know each other during our initial meeting.  This is the ideal session for those needing more one on one personal attention. This is for those who want and need to take their time and slowly and fully experience everything I have to offer you.

We can go slow and finish with a big BANG! OR if you think your up to the challenge, I offer my explosive talents at the start of your time, then touch you all over on my table, and then complete the experience with a second, final mind blowing explosive experience. Let me know your preference!

Do you need to relieve your daily stress and tension, let go of the daily grind and leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world again? This session includes a variety of flowing, seamless, rejuvenating strokes. These full body techniques are applied with the intent to restore balance, calm your daily stress & soothe your worries.

You will be encouraged to bask in feelings of relaxation, comfort & euphoria.  Slowly you will feel your stress and tension relieved & your mind will let go of distracting mental chatter. Priming you for the journey to sensual, full body bliss. 
I will simultaneously, and relentlessly incorporate techniques  to peak your sensual energy in a seductively slow fashion;  prolonging your pleasure while deepening your state of true relaxation.

 Guaranteed to have you on the edge multiple times throughout the session...truly euphoric for body & mind!

Essential Escape
$150 60min

During this session, I intend to fill and saturate all of the needs to be touched that exists for you. 
Imagine one slow, long incredibly sensual envelopment of your body. This particular style indulges my predisposed nature as a giver and lets me thrive on direct energy flow. For this reason, this nurturing, loving application of intuitive touch is an essential part of my practice as a whole. 

Express Escape
$100 30min

This is for the gentlemen that do not have the luxury of visiting with me for long, but still need a quick  pampering from the stress of daily life. I give you a small taste of my trained hands in the initial rubdown, then end with my well known firework ending!  So if time is of an issue, this is the perfect appointment.
However, to fully enjoy everything I offer, I do recommend my EXTENDED ESCAPE.

no outcalls
no outcalls
30 min
no outcalls