Interview with Caitlyn

What makes your massage service better than others that are available?
I never presume to better than a fellow body worker. We are all unique withh our own styles and techniques. 
I pride on having Professionalism, skill and experience. Not only do I have the necessary education and years of varied bodywork experience, but I put much time and care into my sessions. Not everyone wants a cheap and quick fix to their stress and my clients come to me when they want to treat themselves to something special. 
A superior therapeutic touch is the foundation and a crucial part of my sessions which is beautifully enhanced with slow, sensual techniques that not only feel amazing, but will make you feel as though your whole body is being wrapped in nurturing pleasure.  You will have a difficult time deciding if you feel as though you are floating above the table or sinking into it.
Everything from start to finish are put together in a way that is conducive to a pleasant, clean, safe and pleasurable experience.  I NEVER skimp on my efforts to prepare for each session, or the quality of my work. It is important to me to get to know each person as everyone is different but please keep in mind, you are the recipient.

What is the best way to make a appointment?

My appointment form is the best way to contact me. The further in advance of your requested time, the better. I do not take same day appointments.

What is your ideal client and do you have age preferences?

I insist

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